Why is the ABC’s ‘A-List’ stars doing a hit show for free?

A-list celebrities and TV personality have been working on their hit reality series for a year and a half, with one of them saying he’s already paid his way to the top of the food chain.

The “Survivor” cast member, who has been seen in multiple videos with star Tyson Apostol, said he had already been paid for his part in the series.

“My agent and I have been doing it for two years, so I have got a pretty good understanding of the process,” Mr Apostol told the ABC.

“I have been paid about $50,000 to do this series, which is a good amount.”

It is just about making sure I have enough money and the right amount of people in the house so that I can get the show out there and hopefully win it.

“There are a lot of things I need to work on, but the thing I am really happy with is that we have had a great team and I feel like we have a really good cast, and the crew is fantastic.”

Mr Apostol said he’d never heard of an actor earning a show for the free time he had taken in the US.

“They have all paid for the shows, but I have not,” he said.

“The people who do the shows get paid the money, and I get paid for doing the show.”

To be able to do that is very, very exciting for me.

“In January, Mr Aposto made a splash when he appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s The View, where he discussed his plans for the show, which was co-produced by CBS.

The star of the show is a former professional wrestler, and he’s made appearances on TV shows including the hit reality show “Big Brother” and the hit comedy “The Office”.

Mr Apostole said he knew he was not alone.”

A lot of people are doing it and some are doing really well,” he told the program.”

And the people who are making it for free are making a lot more money than I would have ever thought possible.

“He added he thought he could make money off the show and that he could earn as much as $10,000 a week off it.

Mr Apostols most recent hit reality hit, “The Real Deal”, was released in November.”

Every time I come back and do ‘The Real Show’, it makes me happier,” he explained.”

That’s why I have to do it for the money.

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