A ‘gangster’ with the same name as the ‘snowflake’ video is behind a Twitter account with over 40,000 followers

The ‘snoopy’ has been posting anti-government videos and messages since early February.

But he’s only known for being a name, and not the actual content of the videos.

He has also not had the time to actually engage with the followers of his Twitter account.

So far, he’s managed to get more than 100 followers.

His posts are all negative.

The accounts of other ‘snopy’ account holders have also been deleted.

The only thing that remains is a picture of a white hooded man.

It’s not just Twitter users that are upset with the account, either.

On Tuesday, the group Anonymous tweeted out a video of a masked man threatening to take down the site.

He’s using the hashtag #SnoopyLives, and the video includes a clip of the man wearing a mask, saying, “We’re coming for your social media.”

The account is also using the #Snopypop hashtag.

“If you are Snoopy, we will come for your twitter account,” the video begins.

“It’s going to be a great day for the rest of you.”

The Twitter account is run by a man named Alex Nogales.

He has more than 11,000 Twitter followers, according to the most recent numbers.

“The people of BMI are a little confused, so we created this account,” he wrote in an email.

“I am not a real person, but I’m just a fake name.”

He says he is simply using the name Alex Noggins because it sounds cool.

But people who follow the account know better.

Nogales says he has no plans to take any of the people who have been harassing him down.

“It’s the best revenge for them,” he said.

“They’re going to come after me, I won’t let that happen.”

The group is also trying to get people to stop posting hateful tweets and threatening to kill people on social media.

“I’m trying to find a way to stop the threats.

I want to stop this,” he told BuzzFeed News.”

They’re ruining my life and ruining my family, and it’s not right.

It’s wrong and it shouldn’t happen.”