Which companies are making the most money in the smog crisis?

The smog outbreak in China’s capital city has created a political crisis for Prime Minister Li Keqiang, who has sought to maintain a cool diplomatic posture while attempting to quell the worsening health effects.

Li, who was inaugurated as the country’s next president on Friday, is trying to avoid a repeat of last year’s pollution catastrophe that killed more than 7,000 people.

Li has been criticized for not doing enough to tackle the pollution, which has prompted protests and criticism from Beijing.

But his attempts to control the smogs have been met with strong support from the international community.

According to a Bloomberg survey of financial and investment analysts released on Thursday, companies in the United States, China, and Germany made up more than 90 percent of the companies with the biggest gains.

The U.S. led the way with a 17 percent increase in profits, followed by China at 12 percent, Germany at 10 percent, and the United Kingdom at 9 percent.