How to block access to fake ‘FakeNews’ and ‘Fake News Media’ on Twitter

In what is likely the most significant policy change to Twitter since the company’s founding, the company announced Tuesday that it would stop allowing fake news and fake media outlets to show up on its platform.

In a blog post titled, “The new rules, rules, and more rules,” the company said it will no longer allow fake news sites, which it defines as articles or accounts that contain content that is false or misleading, to appear on its network.

The company also said that it will block any user that has posted false or fraudulent information on its website. 

It said it had made this change because “fake news is bad for our economy, our democracy, and our communities.”

The announcement comes after Twitter said earlier this month that it had blocked fake news websites from showing up on the platform.

Twitter had previously banned sites that were associated with far-right and neo-Nazi groups.

In April, Twitter introduced a new algorithm to combat fake news, which allowed users to flag content as fake or misleading in their feeds, then show the fake news or misinformation they have flagged.

This led to the rise of sites like InfoWars and Infowars.

The company has faced criticism for its decision to block these sites from its platform, with many calling for it to ban these sites. 

In an interview with CBS News’ Face the Nation in June, Trump said that the move was “disheartening.”