What happens when a new coronavirus dies off?

The coronaviruses, which are transmitted through coughing, sneezing and eye contact, are particularly deadly in children.

At least 8,600 children and teenagers have died in the past 12 months, and at least 2,700 have died as a result of their parents coughing.

In some provinces, coronavirem has killed an estimated 12,000 people.

The new coronovirus, which has been circulating for two years, is expected to kill another 6,000 children and teens this year.

In Ontario, where the first coronaviral cases were reported in early March, a coroner’s inquest into the death of a toddler has been delayed because of the virus.

Ontario has seen a steep rise in the number of cases.

Since April 10, Ontario has recorded at least 1,932 cases of coronavira, according to Statistics Canada.

The coronoviruses have also been implicated in several other outbreaks in Quebec, the Prairies and New Brunswick.

In the province of Manitoba, where cases have also spiked, officials said they are concerned about the spread of the coronavirock.

Manitoba Health Minister Scott Brison said the province has received reports of a number of new coronasives and a spike in cases.

In March, Manitoba reported a spike of 2,500 new cases and a sharp increase in cases in some areas of the province, including downtown Winnipeg, where there have been more than 300 cases.