The World’s Greatest Man in Advertising Says You’re the Worst Man in the World

I think of a certain advertisement.

It was the ad for my father’s company, World View, and I’m in a meeting with a sales representative.

He has a big, black hat on and a white face mask.

I’m sitting across from him, and he’s sitting behind me, with a large stack of brochures in his hands.

“World View is here,” he says.

I can’t imagine why.

This is a company that sells brochures that have been written and photographed by me, and that I can show to you right now.

I am sitting here with a bunch of brochure templates that are my own, and my dad, who’s sitting right next to me, has been asking me about them.

“This is your dad’s brochure?”

I ask.

“No,” he replies.

“But I want you to go ahead and look at it.”

I go ahead.

It’s a very simple thing to do, right?

I go to the brochure, I click on the name of the company, and the page turns into a beautiful black-and-white image.

My father’s brochures are in the back of my head.

I start to look at the rest of the brochures and realize that they’re just the ones he wrote, and not the ones I see on his website.

And the ones that I see aren’t of his own writing, but are of his staff.

I think to myself, I can do this, and it’s worth it.

But I have this vision, this big, dark, black thing hanging over my head, and in the next second I realize that the person sitting across the table from me is me.

I turn my head and I see him, staring at the screen.

My dad has been telling me about this business he runs for the past eight years, and how I have a big responsibility.

He’s talking about how this company he’s in is worth a billion dollars, but he can’t remember how he got there.

He says he’s been a businessman his whole life, and his dad’s a big-time entrepreneur.

He told me that when he was younger, he wanted to be a lawyer, and then he was in his 20s, and after he graduated from college, he decided to start World View.

The guy who was sitting next to him at the table has been working for him for eight years.

My mom is still at work, and she’s working hard for him, too.

My wife is the sole breadwinner for us, and we don’t have any children.

But he says that he loves his job, and when he told me about his company, he was so excited.

He said, “You’re the best man in the world!”

I don’t know what to say.

I was so stunned.

My mother and I started crying.

“My father told me you were the best.”

“Yeah, but I’m not.”

“I know.

I know.”

I told my dad.

“I love you.”

He was so happy.

I told him about the day he first met me, a few years earlier.

He was talking to his sales representative when I walked into the office.

“Hey, I saw you,” he said.

“You just walked in!”

I was confused.

“Why are you looking at my brochures?”

I asked.

“Oh, I just thought of you.

What do you think you’re going to do?”

He was very apologetic.

“What I’ve always wanted to do is get back to the business, to be the best, and to make a profit.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Because you’re the smartest, most successful person in the room.”

I said, but my father had already told me what he wanted.

“Because of you, I’ve got a business that’s worth a lot more than a million dollars.”

“Yes, I know that, but that’s not why I’m here.”

He walked away.

I asked him what he was going to be doing when he retires.

“That’s a secret.”

He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “[I want] to make money again.”

It was a very sad and sad moment.

I didn’t know if he was referring to me or my mom.

I left the office, went to the door, and waited for him.

He never came.

After the meeting, I went to my car and took the time to call my mother and tell her about my experience.

“He’s the greatest man in history,” she told me.

“And I’m the worst woman in the history of the world.”

“You mean he is the most brilliant, most famous person in history?”

I said.

My sister had also told me something similar, and so had my sister-in-law.

We have never been