How to stop Facebook’s smm tool from deleting photos from your photos app

Facebook has confirmed it is working to prevent malicious smm scripts from deleting or disabling photos from Facebook’s photos app.

The Facebook mobile app now uses an SMM tool that is installed by default to delete or disable photos on devices with an Android OS version higher than Lollipop.

The SMM allows Facebook to delete a photo from a device if it is found in its database that it doesn’t recognise.

The Google+ photo app has an SMP tool that enables the deletion of photos, but not those from other users.

Facebook has also announced it is also working to stop the SMM from deleting posts from users’ Facebook profiles that were posted by third-party sites.

Facebook’s latest update for its mobile apps addresses the SMMs vulnerability.

It also warns users not to share their phone number or email address with any third-parties.

It added a feature to the app to make it more difficult for smm users to access Facebook’s accounts by default.