What if there’s no future for the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Black-ish’?

By Laura Seltzer The first episode of the fifth season of Battlestar, which premieres on Sunday, will be an important one, especially if you’re a fan of the show. 

The series will be taking place in the fictional city of Tyria in the 21st century, but its inhabitants are not only different, but have been modified to look like some of the most famous actors from the 1960s, including the late Robert Patrick, and the late David Harewood, among others.

In fact, the show’s cast of characters will include actors who are known in the pop culture, such as Tom Hanks and Jessica Alba. 

I recently sat down with James Wong, the executive producer and co-showrunner of the upcoming season of the series, and he told me about what to expect in the new episode.

“We’ll be looking back at the past and asking: What is the Battlestars’ past?

What is their history?

What happened?

What was their culture?

And what is it that is different about these people?

The show is really a journey, so we’ll be exploring these questions, and then I think it’s really going to bring to life this very unique character who’s not just some sort of character, he’s really a character, and we really want to make sure that’s reflected in the way we present them.”

Wong also discussed the new Battlestart episode’s big twist, which will make its way into the first season finale on Sunday.

“This is an episode that will be very different from the others.

We’re going to see something really important, something that we’ve never done before, but it’s going to be really exciting,” he said.”

The question we ask ourselves is, ‘What is the story we’re telling?’

And that’s why we’re very conscious that the first episode is going to take place in Tyria, in this very futuristic world.

The reason that we’re doing that is that we want to have a very different tone than what we have done before.

The tone is going be very dark, and that’s because we want this world to be the only one that is habitable, and this is going go against the narrative that we have had for the past several seasons.”

Wongs said he was excited about the twist.

“When I think about it, I don’t know if there has ever been a twist so big that you think: Oh my God, that is so, so exciting.

That was definitely one of those moments.

It’s something that was just so different.

It felt like the universe was coming to life and suddenly we’re in the middle of it.”

Wings said that the season premiere will also introduce some familiar faces, including former Battlestarist, and now-former character actor, Robert Patrick.

“There’s a lot of familiar faces,” Wong said.

“And I think we’ve found that the cast and the crew have a great chemistry and they’re just a really, really fun group of people to work with.”

As for the show and its characters, it sounds like the new season will be much darker, and more serious.

“I think the season will definitely be darker,” Wong added.

“I think that’s one of the things that we talked about.

We wanted to have some moments where you would really, truly feel like you’re in a place of deep mourning.

That’s going be a big part of this season.”

The new episode will also bring back a few familiar faces as well.

“So many of these characters have been around for quite a while, and there will be a lot that we know from their previous seasons,” Wong continued.

“But what is really going on in the world of the first few episodes is a completely new world.

I’m very proud of the cast of the characters, and I think that they’ve really embraced this new world.”