What’s in your local news today?

Local news can be quite a challenge to find on the internet, so we thought we’d tackle the issue of what’s on the go in your area.

In this article we’ll take a look at the news in your neighbourhood today.


It’s hot outside in Sydney’s CBD – The sky is a blue.

But what’s the temperature outside?

If you’ve been on a hot day, you might have noticed that the sky was a darker blue than usual.

In fact, it’s not that unusual to find it a little more muted than usual in Sydney.

In Melbourne, it was an almost perfect shade of blue, but it’s a shade of grey, not grey as usual.

A little more blue in Melbourne’s skies would have been ideal, but in Sydney, it would have made a huge difference.

The blue skies in Sydney today are a shade lighter than usual and this has made it more difficult for motorists to see pedestrians and cyclists, and caused some delays.

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More than 70 per cent of NSW schools closed today for a weather warning – The NSW government says schools will remain closed for the rest of the school holidays today, as it battles another cold front that is forecast to come through early tomorrow morning.

Schools across the state will be closed today, with schools in Victoria and South Australia being the most affected by the cold front.

The State Government says schools in the Sydney metropolitan area will be open as normal tomorrow.

The Government says most schools will be able to reopen today, but there are some that will not be open.

There are concerns that some schools will reopen today with their normal activities and lessons cancelled.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says schools can reopen tomorrow.

NSW Primary Schools has said it will close schools in every state and territory tomorrow.

More to come.

Photo from NSW Premier’s Twitter account.

Photo by Chris Hyde.

Photo courtesy of NSW Government.


Melbourne’s sky is the most blue in the nation – The National Weather Service has issued a blue sky warning for Melbourne today, warning of “severe weather” and snow conditions in the city tomorrow.

While Melbourne’s forecast is more mild than usual, the city’s skies are forecast to be extremely cold.

Photo via the National Weather Centre.

Photo illustration: Darren England.

Photo taken on Friday, February 15, 2017.

Photo of a snowflake from National Weather Central.

Photo © National Weather Centres.


New South Wales has more than 70% of schools closed for a temperature warning – It is the first time in its history that New South Australia has closed more than 50 per cent or more of schools for a forecast temperature warning.

Schools in the state were closed today and tomorrow due to the cold and wind, but the forecast is not looking too bad for the state as it continues to get warmer today.

New England is expected to be a bit cooler than normal tomorrow and will remain cool to near freezing tomorrow.

There will be a very cold start to the new school year today, and that will continue through the new year, as the cold air will be pushing up from the north.


There is a record low of just 0.05C outside Sydney’s city centre – The coldest day on record is the 0.03C recorded on Saturday.

That record is more than a year old, and it’s also just the second coldest temperature recorded in Sydney in a century.

Sydney’s hottest day was 0.16C on November 10, 2000, when a record cold front brought temperatures to the city of just 10.4C.

Photo image: James Brickwood.

The cold front has been predicted to bring colder conditions to Sydney tomorrow.

It has been forecast to bring winds of up to 45 kilometres per hour and snow.

The low is a reminder that a cold front is still on the way, and temperatures are expected to continue to be below zero for much of the rest, with temperatures in the mid-20s tomorrow.


A bushfire has destroyed hundreds of trees across Victoria – A bush fire in Victoria’s north has destroyed more than 300 trees, including about 60 that were in gardens.

A bush wildfire in Victoria has destroyed nearly 300 trees in a garden in Penrith.


Source: Victoria Police.

The fire started on the Penriths North Coast, which is part of the Victoria Fire Service.

Victoria Police says the fire is still burning about 100 hectares and has burned through some 800 hectares in a matter of hours.

The Penrhes North Coast is the biggest bushfire area in Victoria, with the blaze threatening to cause serious damage to properties and damage to crops.


There have been several fires in the past year in Victoria – Victoria has seen three fires in its past year.

One of the fires is the largest of these, and was reported to be the largest in Victoria in two years.

It was reported on January 14, 2019, that an enormous blaze engulfed a farm near W