Anonymous hackers announce launch of a new worm that steals passwords for smm school service provider

Anonymous hackers have announced that they will launch a new attack that steals the credentials of smm Sky Com Services, a service provider for the educational sector.

Sky Com services is a provider of schools for remote schooling.

“We are announcing the launch of our new worm,” said Anonymous spokesperson, a pseudonym for the group, on the Anonymous forums.

The worm is called Kaiten.

It works by compromising a vulnerable machine, then stealing the credentials for a Sky Com service and sending them to a remote location.

According to Sky Com’s site, its main aim is to provide remote educational services to students who have not yet obtained a credential.

Sky com claims to offer educational programs for over 10 million students in the United Kingdom.

Sky Com said that the worm does not compromise the network or interfere with the user’s use of the service, but it does compromise the user in the event that the user forgets the password.

Kaiten is a relatively new vulnerability, and the group says that it will be fixed within a few days.

This is the first time that a worm has been used to target a Skycom service, the spokesperson said.

Anonymous also published a list of vulnerabilities in Skycom’s products.

A representative from Skycom said that it has identified some of the vulnerabilities and is working to fix them.

Skycom has said that its products are not vulnerable to Kaitens attack.