How to spot the fake news on Snapchat

The social network, which is owned by Facebook, has been embroiled in a public spat over the use of its messaging app Snapchat by news organisations, and it has now been forced to issue a public apology.The company said that while it did not use the service for its own news business, it does support […]

Why a new ‘smart’ car covers all the bases

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Volkswagen is making major strides toward turning the Volkswagen Group into a leading automaker with an electric vehicle that will be able to compete with gasoline cars and the electric vehicles that already dominate the global market, as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said it would hear the case.The company said […]

How to make a perfect SMM panel (and save money!)

A lot of people get hung up on what panels they need to buy, which are based on what they consider the “best” options, or “best panels” in the market.For the uninitiated, the term SMM refers to a panel that measures the energy efficiency of the equipment used to produce the product.As such, it refers […]

SMP group shares fall by 10% as SMM shares plunge

Posted December 12, 2018 17:17:30The SMM Group has seen a 20% drop in its shares following the SMM Global survey, with shares trading down 5% to US$1.4 billion.The group’s shares had already fallen 7% in the previous two sessions after it announced it would sell some of its assets to raise cash to pay back […]