Crypto Coins (CNY) – Top 10 Coins for the Year 2018

By: Crypto Coins news Staff Crypto Coins is a digital currency platform for creating, selling, and investing digital assets.We have an excellent community that is always looking for ways to help each other and help our platform grow.The top 10 coins listed here are:Currency: Bitcoin (BTC)Currency Symbols: $BTC, $USD, $AUD, $GBP, $NZDCurrency Type: Bitcoin, Ethereum, […]

Which is the best pistol for your gun?

By Medical News Online Staff | Updated November 10, 2018 03:23:19This article originally appeared in the November 8, 2018 edition of Medical News, the official news service of the Medical Association of Australia.For the latest news and analysis from the world of medicine, follow Medical News today on Twitter.

A ‘gangster’ with the same name as the ‘snowflake’ video is behind a Twitter account with over 40,000 followers

The ‘snoopy’ has been posting anti-government videos and messages since early February.But he’s only known for being a name, and not the actual content of the videos.He has also not had the time to actually engage with the followers of his Twitter account.So far, he’s managed to get more than 100 followers.His posts are all […]