A ‘gangster’ with the same name as the ‘snowflake’ video is behind a Twitter account with over 40,000 followers

The ‘snoopy’ has been posting anti-government videos and messages since early February.But he’s only known for being a name, and not the actual content of the videos.He has also not had the time to actually engage with the followers of his Twitter account.So far, he’s managed to get more than 100 followers.His posts are all […]

When the Chinese have a bad day, they’ll call in the UAVs

The Chinese have developed the technology to fly an aircraft by remote control.It’s called an UAV, and they have one right now in Shanghai, according to CNN.It sounds simple, but for many Chinese people, flying is a bit like running, but remotely.UAV pilots often work in remote locations and don’t have the luxury of driving.They […]